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TMX Project SERV: The Importance, Impact & Success

TMX Project SERV: The Importance, Impact & Success

Submitted by: Amanda Barnes, Assistant Director of Store Recruiting

We have newly established Project SERV this year – our focus on employing Veterans and tapping into the huge resource that is our Military Heroes! We could not be more excited for this initiative!

In honor of Veteran’s Day, we wanted to detail out why we are excited to tap into this amazing talent pool. Why are all companies starting to place an importance on some type of Veteran hiring initiative?

Three main ideas make Veteran hires desirable for any organization:

  • Veterans are goal-oriented, trained leaders
  • Veterans take responsibility seriously
  • Veterans have a great work ethic:
    • They don’t give up easily
    • They are not afraid to dig in and do the hard work

The impact from hiring Vets is HUGE!! First and foremost, Veteran hiring directly impacts the individual Veteran, as well as their family, by providing civilian career opportunities. Here at the TMX Finance® Family of Companies, we are long-term career focused, and want candidates that are also looking for a long-term career path that offers skills growth and true development. Veterans are committed, dependable team players that are in it for the long haul. Coming from a work environment where quitting when times get hard is not an option, failure is not in their vocabulary – so they just dig their heels in and do the work. This trait alone demonstrates why everyone benefits from having Vets in their employee pool, and why the relationship between civilian careers and military Vets is meant to be!

In the TMX Family, we are always striving to be better than we were last year, to beat the competition, and to remain Talent Obsessed at all times. That’s why we put together a Veteran Hiring Program in the first place! The Company greatly benefits, and has greatly benefitted, from hiring from our Military Branches’ newest civilians! Not only does military-background hiring allow for diversity of thought, but the training that veterans have received results in employees who are able to think on their feet in the moment, without losing a step – something that we greatly value and that gives us as an edge on the competition. Also, strong work ethic and dedication are two traits ingrained early on in the military, making for an awesome civilian employee. Who wouldn’t want an employee with those qualities?!

Finally, in an ever-changing work environment, learning new skills quickly and applying them effectively is key. More often than not, Veteran candidates are able to quickly pick up new tasks and skills and effectively deliver on Company-wide and more local goals.

The following learned traits perfectly show why a Vet is a desirable candidate for the TMX Finance® Family of Companies:

  1. Excellent Leadership Sacrifice
  2. Commitment Punctual
  3. Accountability Respectful
  4. Hard-working Knowledgeable
  5. Dedication Team-Oriented

One of our own Veteran Team Members, Calvin Stalling, summed it up perfectly: “One quote that we soldiers past and present believe and stand on is: ‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall!’ When you hire a Veteran, you will capture the Loyalty, Respect, Dedication, Discipline, Attention to Detail, and Honor that helps a company win.”

“United we stand, divided we fall” also rings true in a civilian workplace.  At the TMX Finance® Family of Companies we believe in the team mentality, and as a team you either succeed or fail – together. Just another reason we are leading the charge on veteran hiring!!

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