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5 tips to ensure your future opportunity does not become someone else’s

5 tips to ensure your future opportunity does not become someone else’s

Submitted by: Gina Nichols, Senior Recruiter

Hello, Job Seeker!

Being in a job search can be one of the most stressful times in your professional career and subsequently your personal life, too. If you find yourself spending a chunk of your day robotically applying to dozens of jobs, only later to find your email littered with polite but canned rejection notices or even worse yet, no response at all…FEAR NOT…we have some simple but surefire tips to help get you noticed and poised for that next “yes”!

Keep reading to see how to be proactive and how to take some simple steps to help ensure that your future opportunity does not become someone else’s.

Companies often use job applications to obtain consistent or standardized information from its applicant pool.  So, whether you are a job seeker pursing an hourly position or an executive required to complete an obligatory company application the following tips apply:

  • First, absolutely, positively make sure that all of your contact information is correct. For example, on a job application enter your address, phone number, and email address correctly.  The same is true for the top of your resume.  Sounds simple? As a recruiter, I see hundreds of resumes weekly and you would be surprised how many people submit resumes and online job applications with inaccurate or outdated information.  Additionally, be sure that your phone number is correct, that your voicemail is set-up and accepting messages, and that you have a personal greeting on your phone.

Tip: On average recruiters spend between 6-8 seconds reviewing a resume/application, scanning the document quickly for contact information, name of previous employer, job titles and dates of employment. Be sure that all of this information is easily accessible to the reader.

  • Second, if you are filling out a job application, keep the application information consistent with your resume information.

Tip: If the information is not consistent, then it is time to update your resume!

  • Third, almost every job application asks for identification information, references, and previous employment history. Make sure you have all the pertinent information you need at your fingertips, to provide an accurate and thorough application.

Tip: Items you may want to have handy when completing an application: Driver’s License; Social Security Card; list of references and contact information; and a chronological list of previous employers and contact information including address and phone numbers.

  • Fourth, complete the application in its entirety. Do not skip sections or use N/A unless a question absolutely does not apply to you.  If an employer is asking for the information, it’s important.

Tip: By submitting an incomplete application, you increase the risk that the hiring manager dumps you in the “no” pile and moves onto a well populated and fully executed application.

  • Lastly, wet, wash, rinse, repeat! Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. Read, proofread, re-read, and repeat!

Tip: Review your application carefully to eliminate any errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling or content inconsistencies. Once you hit submit there is no turning back.

 You have read the tips, you are aware of your errors, and you are armed with effective application practices…Happy job hunting!

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