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7 Ways To Be More Productive

7 Ways To Be More Productive

Since starting with the TMX Finance Family of Companies in December of 2013, I have seen so many positive changes in the Company and within myself. Our fast-paced environment has taught me that I need to be as productive as possible and I have picked up tips along the way from all different members of my team. If you struggle with staying productive in a fast paced environment, here are a few tips:

  1. Set reminders on your Outlook to check different things throughout the day such as different inboxes. I might be so focused on one thing, that I miss an email coming in so every morning at 8am and every afternoon at 2pm a reminder pops up.
  2. Reach out to other resources when working on projects. On one project, I reached out to the Assistant Director of Payroll and she gave me the EXACT information that I needed. We’re a team at TMX, so let’s help each other!
  3. Stay positive in each situation that arises. Negativity will NEVER help and everything can be figured out. Again, pull other resources if you’re struggling.
  4. Get more face time. Sometimes talking through something will save time versus going back and forth via email or messenger.
  5. Give undivided attention to those you are meeting with or speaking to. Put your phone away and really try to focus on what is being discussed, because they have taken the time to meet with you.
  6. Focus. If the office gets loud and there are too many distractions, mentally “close the door” by putting or try to focus on accomplishing one task at a time so you don’t get too overwhelmed.
  7. Get fresh air to clear out the cob webs. A 5-minute break can be a good “restart” button.

If something isn’t working, try to re-evaluate the situation and think outside of the box. There’s always a solution, and to be productive, sometimes it takes going down a different path. I hope these tips help you stay productive!

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