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Why R.E.D. Friday

Why R.E.D. Friday

Submitted by: Kris D. Reece, Sr.  General Manager – TMX Certified Trainer

R.E.D. (Remember Everyone Deployed) is a very important movement for my family and I.  We, like a lot of families, have a rich military history going back to the 1800’s in our hometown of Ellijay, Georgia.

 My son decided that he wanted to serve his country at the age of 16 to follow in my father’s footsteps into the United States Air Force.  Soon after getting his permanent station in Little Rock, AR he met his wife who is also active USAF.  Two months after their marriage, she was deployed to the Middle East.

 It became very apparent to my wife and I the need to support our troops very quickly more than we ever had in the past.  We immediately began sending care packages filled with goodies and necessary items that they do not have access to abroad.  After sending several boxes we were asked to send the simplest of items…. tooth brushes, dental floss, tissue paper, letters, etc.  All of the things that you and I take for granted, they are in need of every day.  Like my daughter-in-law, while in the Middle East, our deployed troops are often not allowed off base due to the imminent dangers outside of their walls. So offwork leave is non-existent and mental separation is hard to find.

 It impresses me every day when I see and hear from my two kids the things that they endure daily to support our country, their fellow military and all of those down range in harm’s way.  My son is in a medical flight and works daily with those returning from theater.  Please know this, what you and I enjoy every day comes with a price paid in full by others that we will never see or hear from in most cases and their stories are rich in devotion, bravery, and commitment to you and I as Americans.

 Please remember all of our men and women actively serving our country. Each Friday is a day to remember them by wearing R.E.D. Reach out to your local Reserve posts, local American Legions, Red Cross or VFW’s and find a way to support our troops every day, especially as we get closer to the holidays. Let them know that America appreciates the freedom that is paid for by our troops.

 Enjoy R.E.D. Friday and thank you to all of the veterans in our TMX Finance family that have served our country. 

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