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Pay it forward for Random Acts of Kindness Week!

Pay it forward for Random Acts of Kindness Week!

At the TMX Finance Family of Companies, we are celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day- February 17th–  all week long!  During this week, we have asked all of our team members to pay it forward and help us show the heart of our Company through kindness. Because it’s the little gestures that go the distance and make people feel loved.

What are random acts of kindness? They’re the moments that brighten up an otherwise normal day; the co-worker who says “Have a good day” and means it, the person who takes an extra moment to hold open the door for you, that friend who shares their umbrella with you in the rain. Those little tender gestures you need the most, but never expect. They are the ones that stay with you. Random acts of kindness connect you to humanity, remind you how much love there is in the world, and inspires you to pay it forward.

We’re asking you to join us and pay it forward this week! Imagine how your random act of kindness can inspire those around you. Help us spread kindness this week!

Share your acts of kindness using the hashtag #RAKWeek2017.

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