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Introducing Our First Ever, Chief Opportunity Officer!

Introducing Our First Ever, Chief Opportunity Officer!

The TMX Finance® Family of Companies is pleased to announce its recent groundbreaking hire to the TitleMax® executive team –Max has officially signed on as the Company’s first-ever Chief Opportunity Officer. Within this role, he will serve as not only the face of the organization, but the executive driving force behind improving the understanding and connection the Company has with its consumers. As COO, Max will be responsible for leading the Store Operations teams toward a more innovative future with modernized critical thinking and optimized customer experience. Though his home base will be the Savannah Corporate Campus, Max will spend the majority of his time in the field engaging with the TitleMax® store teams, and more importantly, the Company’s consumers.

The COO will report directly to the Company’s President, Otto Bielss, who is optimistic and excited about this new endeavor, stating, “The energy this guy brings to our everyday initiatives… it’s just tangible. He’s so grounded, yet incredibly experienced. He’s really someone you can connect with. Mark my words, Max will change the game, he’s going to open countless doors.  Just wait and see.”

Max comes to us with over 19 years of experience in the consumer opportunity and finance operations fields. Most recently, Max worked as an outreach consultant to numerous Fortune 500 companies, traveling around the country and connecting with multi-unit teams to assess engagement, foster collaboration, and bridge gaps hindering progress and success. Prior to his work as a consultant, Max lent his coveted knowledge and skillset pro bono to various humanitarian organizations, helping to identify obstacles and improve success rates within the groups’ community outreach initiatives.

“Honestly, I couldn’t be more excited to become part of the TMX Finance® Family,” Max states.” “I admire how dedicated the TitleMax organization is to helping customers and how involved they are in local communities. They don’t just see customers as a number or meal ticket; they see them as people with families and lives who need a little help from time to time. That innate feeling of moral responsibility to be intricately involved in the well-being of their towns and cities… that’s what sets them apart, that’s why I’m here.”

Max joins the TMX Finance® Family of Companies just in time for the holiday season. He’ll play a pivotal role in helping TitleMax® customers during what can be the busiest and most stressful time of year. But he’s confident and determined; “Sure, this time of year can be a beating if you let it. But luckily, these customers have some of the most genuine and caring people on their sides. We’ll be there when they need us… Max to the Rescue!”

For more information, contact us at 800-804-5368.

TitleMax® is one of the largest alternative lending companies in the nation, spanning 17 states coast to coast. In addition to knowledgeable and understanding customer service reps, TitleMax® offers title loans and title pawns with a quick and simple application process despite your credit history. And, you keep driving your car throughout the duration of the loan or pawn. Next time you need cash, visit the friendly faces at your neighborhood TitleMax®. We’re here to help.

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