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Love and Respect for Our Country

Love and Respect for Our Country

Submitted by: Rosanne Salmen, Customer Service Representative, Las Vegas, NV

The Fourth of July means a great deal to me as my father was a “lifer” in the military and we were brought up to love and respect our Country.

Just like most people, we spent the Fourth of July with family and friends, either at the beach or in the backyard pool. We grilled the usual hot dogs and hamburgers and shot off the good ole’ “Safe and Sane” fireworks at night.

But unlike most people, we were not allowed to forget what this holiday meant to our Country and all the men and women willing to fight and die for our freedoms.  From 1776 until today, we had and still have young men and women who believe in this Country and what it stands for.

I will always remember and never take for granted the fact that so many men and women have sacrificed so that I can enjoy these summer days in the backyard or at the beach. I truly love this Country and believe that the United States of America is the greatest country in the World!  


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