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How the Culture of Black History Inspires Me

How the Culture of Black History Inspires Me

As we celebrate Black History, I often find myself being inspired by those who preceded me. Especially the activists involved within our Black History culture. Their sacrifices and great deeds paved the way for people like me and so many others.

Black History, for me, represents a culture of people of all color and races uniting as one working towards greatness and equality together. It is a culture of overcoming and coming together, which fuels me to be a better person on a daily basis. When I find myself in conflict with family, work, or life in general, I reflect on the actions of the men and women from within that culture to help guide me through my obstacles. The amount of perseverance shown by them inspires me to stay the course and to keep moving forward.

Black History is also inspiring because its culture does not exclude anyone from achieving greatness, whether it be major or minor. There has been so many advocates and activists, of all races and genders, who have contributed to the culture. For me it’s difficult not to find inspiration from all the great innovations that have been produced by the Black History culture. Black History is still being written today and I am PROUD to play my role to inspire those who are around me and those after me.

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