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Why Our Recruiters Are Excited About #TMXNHD19

Why Our Recruiters Are Excited About #TMXNHD19

In our efforts to remain #TalentObsessed, we rolled out a new idea for the Company last year: National Hiring Day.  It was a wild success and we had a blast pulling it off!  Well, guess what? We are BACK AT IT this year!

  #TMXNHD19 | July 11th 2019 | 10a-7p

We could not be more excited to be hosting this amazing, Company-wide hiring day with BIG goals and BIG results! This is a one-day event, where we come together as a Company, join forces, and host this giant hiring event.

This event is held in every single one of our 1,100+ locations across the country, as well as both Corporate offices. Candidates can walk into any of these offices and be guaranteed an on-the-spot interview with a Hiring Manager.

Our Recruiting Department has a ton of fun with hiring events. Recruiters are high-energy people and hiring events are high-energy days – the two go together like peas in a pod!  We gathered some of our recruiters’ thoughts on why they’re excited for this year’s event, #TMXNHD19:

  • “We will have the chance to take what we learned last year and make it even better! I’m excited about the energy and collaboration. I’m excited about making this year not just about the new employees, but also a chance to thank and highlight our current employees, and their careers!” (Liz Lightfoot, Area Recruiting Manger)
  • “Last year we successfully raised the bar on the talent at the TMX Finance® Family of Companies. I enjoyed meeting and interviewing all of the possible new team members. The event was fun and engaging!  The positive Company culture extended from our entry level employees to our senior executive managers because every team member was working toward the same goal.” (Jennifer Franklin, Area RecruitingManager)
  • “I am excited for this year’s National Hiring Day because I have a passion for changing people’s lives. I believe in the opportunities that we provide as a company and National Hiring Day is our way to show job seekers across the country that we are the best company to work for! Last year was a huge success, so year two is only going to be bigger and better!” (Jennifer Jeffers, Recruiting Manager)
  • “I’m excited about this year’s National Hiring Day because it is going to be bigger than last year! 2018 was our first year and it was a smash! This year, I am excited to see more top talent come through the doors who are ready to grow with the TMX Finance® Family of Companies and make 2019 our best year yet!” (Stephanie Rychel, Recruiting Manager)
  • “I love when I can be part of something that will benefit other people. This is our biggest hiring event of the year and we are able to offer hundreds of talented individuals career paths to help them reach their goals. I know my experience with the TMX Finance® Family of Companies has been incredible in every way and I love getting the chance to share that with other people.” (Matt Moisant, Sr. Recruiter)

Want to know about National Hiring Day? Check out Why You Should Attend.

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