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Our New Hire Experiences

Our New Hire Experiences

Submitted by: Lane Boston, Corporate Operations Coordinator

My first opportunity to shadow our TitleMax of Garden City store was a great experience. I worked with Gabriel, the General Manager, and Ivory, the General Manager Trainee. Being the Corporate Operations Coordinator, I have a lot of contact with store team members via email and phone every day, so it was so nice to see firsthand the store operations side of the business and what the store has to go through before they send their requests to me.

I had a wonderful experience learning about Gabriel and Ivory’s daily tasks, how they handle certain situations, and I even answered the questions they had for me and my position. Like I mentioned earlier, one of the main tasks of being the Corporate Operations Coordinator is having constant contact with the stores, so I enjoyed being able to ask questions amongst one another about how certain things are done in the store versus how we do things at our corporate office. It was really a great benefit to all of us in learning how we could improve our services on both sides!

When it came to shadowing the daily tasks of each team member, Gabriel and Ivory were very hands-on in letting me help out with situations in the store. They walked me through how to start a new loan/pawn with a customer, as well as going through the appraisal process for the car before giving the customer a loan/pawn. I was able to interact with customers and watch Gabriel and Ivory’s interactions to learn how they handle the point of sale systems, customers, and vendors.

Overall, the visit was great. Gabriel and Ivory were nothing but helpful to me when I had questions about their jobs or the functionality of their day. I would recommend this experience to anyone who works at Corporate to take a trip to a store to learn firsthand how these stores are the heart of our Company!

Submitted by: Caitlyn Lain, Front Desk Coordinator

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit a TitleMax store to strengthen my knowledge about the Company. I started working at the TMX Finance Family of Companies in September of this year and one thing I wanted to do was familiarize myself with more of the Company overall. Working as the Front Desk Coordinator, I get a little insight on everything but I find myself wanting to know more! When I visited the TitleMax store in Garden City, Georgia, Gabriel Martinez the General Manager and Ivory Wilson III, General Manager Trainee, really helped me get a better understanding on what takes place in our stores! I was able to discuss everything in more detail and gain a full understanding of store operations.

Every day I email back and forth with different stores when it comes to the majority of my tasks, so it was really interesting for me to see how my work fits into the big picture. I was able to see how corporate and our stores come together as one team to accomplish daily goals. One really cool thing I had the opportunity to do, was learn how to use several of our innovative tools and learn more about the TMX Wholesale website.

My time at the store was short, but I am looking forward to going back for a second time to further my education. I highly recommend visiting a store to all of our team members to get a better understanding on- well everything!!

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