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Lace Up on #NationalWalkingDay

Lace Up on #NationalWalkingDay

Submitted by: Janie Ginn, HR Benefits Analyst

What do you think of when you hear the word “exercise”? Even in my mind when I think about workouts, my mind gravitates towards running, biking, yoga, Pilates, etc., not walking.

This exercise is low-risk and is easy to incorporate into your everyday life! Studies show that integrating walking into your daily routines can help you strive towards your goals for a healthier future. Walking regularly can help improve your cholesterol, lower blood pressure, increase your energy, and boosts your moods, prevents weight gain, protects you from diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, shall I continue?

We encourage you to Lace Up this Wednesday, April 4th for National Walking Day with your favorite co-workers and walk towards a healthier and happier YOU!

Don’t forget to post your photos- we want to see you walking! Make sure you tag @TMXCompanies and use these hashtags:

#NationalWalkingDay | #TMXFamily | #ShowO

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