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How Mexican Heritage is Reflected in TitleMax

How Mexican Heritage is Reflected in TitleMax

Being part of the TitleMax® team has allowed me to see and feel the warmth of the Mexican culture. I really enjoy the way my Hispanic customers open up to me. They not only come in to get a loan, but to talk about their families, their plans, and even what they plan to cook that night or do that weekend. Being part of this team has allowed me to form deeper and stronger relationships with clients than what is accustomed in this industry because you know so much more about your clients and their families.

This type of relationship building has its perks. For example, when a customer comes in to have a cup of coffee with you and discuss something in particular, or when a grateful customer cooks for you and offers you an occasional tamale in thanks for the great service. In short, I love and honor my Mexican heritage and being this way allows me to be just a little closer with my customers. Thank you, TitleMax®, for the opportunity to help so many of my Mexican Brothers and Sisters.

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