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Food and Family: The Cornerstone of Our Traditions

Food and Family: The Cornerstone of Our Traditions

I have always believed the true sign of a wealthy person is not how large their bank account is, but by the amount of love one has with their family and friends. I come from a proud Hispanic family. My parents worked very hard to ensure that my siblings and I never went without. More importantly, they made sure that we always bonded in making life long memories with each other.

I have three brothers and two sisters spread across the state of Texas. Our lives can get pretty busy with everything we have going on– from school, work, and rising our own families. Even though we may be far apart physically, we never forget where we come from and stay rooted in our family values. Good food has always been a cornerstone of our traditions. All my family memories are tied to a great Hispanic dish and food is always the centerpiece of what brings us together.

Our best times are spent sitting around the dining table when all my family is under one roof. Our family recipes are amazing, but what’s more amazing are the stories we share, the laughs, the jokes, and the love. When we go back to our everyday lives, we can always find comfort and be reminded of what’s important by cooking up a family favorite dish. From my mom’s famous mole sauce, to my grandmother’s chiles rellenos. It’s not just how great the food tastes, it’s our values, culture, memories and the love bond we share.

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