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Driving My Career as a Military Spouse

Driving My Career as a Military Spouse

As I sit here, contemplating how to relay my experience as a working military spouse, it seems only fitting to start by sharing with you a little bit about my story and the journey leading up to my decision to join the TMX Finance Family of Companies (“the Company”). First, you should know that both of my grandfathers served in WWII. However, as is true for many that served during that era, they didn’t like to talk about it much, so my knowledge of the military and military life was very limited as I entered adulthood.

Needless to say, I had no idea what I was signing up for when I started dating my then boyfriend, John, sophomore year of college. John always knew he wanted to be a Marine Corps officer—his grandfather was a Marine, his dad was a Marine, his brother was a Marine…you can see where I’m going with this. As much as he tried to prepare me and, in some cases, scare me off, I wasn’t going anywhere.

Fast forward a few years…I was graduating college and John, who was two years ahead of me, had just been assigned Okinawa, Japan for two years. I was ready to start my career (and begin paying off those pesky student loans) and John was on the other side of the world in a country that would present limited prospects as I entered the work force. Not ideal. So, what did I do? Well, I put on my big girl pants and accepted a sales role in Washington, D.C. at a growing research firm. Those next two years were tough. While John and I did get married, we spent a total of 6 weeks together across that time.

I will never forget the day he told me he received orders to Beaufort, SC. I was thrilled! We were so ready to establish a “normal” life together. My next immediate thought was, What about my job? I was growing in my career and didn’t want to lose momentum. While my family always supported me and my decisions, they frequently cautioned me about how my marriage to an active duty serviceman would potentially impact my career. Their uncertainty or doubt fueled my drive to prove them wrong—I WOULD have it all just like anyone else supporting their equally career-driven spouse.

As I began searching for the right company, I had a few “must haves”—a large, growth company where I could get behind the mission and values of the greater organization. I found that and so much more at the TMX Finance Family of Companies. I had confidence in my work ethic and ability to produce a work product that would demonstrate my ability to take on more, and knew that a growing company would inevitably present more opportunities to take my career to the next level. In short, I have been promoted 4 times across 6 years. I share that with the sole goal of demonstrating how valuable working for a company that supports a “meritocracy”, where promotions are based on merit vs. tenure, is advantageous to those that produce results.

What I hadn’t considered at the time, but have come to value equally, is the commitment from upper management to foster the development and growth of our people. Without the support of my team and leaders, all the willpower in the world would not be enough to get me where I am today. The word “support” has a much greater meaning to me, as well. When I joined the team in Savannah, GA in 2013, I didn’t know anyone; my friends and family were hours away. John deployed less than 60 days after I arrived (so much for that “normalcy” we were looking forward to!) My work team quickly became my work “family.” I am so fortunate to have come across this amazing culture where I have the honor of working alongside of amazingly talented, passionate, and caring people every day.

From my experience—and yes, there is bias—servicemen and their families are some of the most resilient, hard-working, ethical people out there. For those of you reading this that fall into that category, thank you for all you do and know that the TMX Finance Family is an extension of your family at home. Oorah!

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