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Opportunity Knocks – TMX Careers Blog

Your Military Experience Works at TMX Finance Family of Companies

There is never a shortage of employers looking for disciplined individuals who understand the importance of leadership, including the TMX Finance® Family of Companies. Your military service stresses how to lead and how to carry out a mission successfully with your team. My military experience not only taught me how to work with others to become a strong team, it also taught me how to develop new teams through a servant leadership style. The TMX Finance® Family of Companies holds similar beliefs in building and growing teams, which is why it’s an employer of choice for me. What I learned …

Connected to the Mission

With unemployment rates at an all-time low, the market is perfect for job seekers. Still, some companies have difficulties understanding military experience and the benefits of hiring U.S. veterans. At the TMX Finance® Family of Companies, we appreciate and honor the indispensable leadership skills one gains from the military and stand committed to securing employment for U.S. military veterans ready to take on their next mission. We sat down with Kristen DuBose, Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition at the TMX Finance® Family of Companies, to ask how TMX Project SERV and the Company’s veteran hiring commitment has had an impact …

Advice to Veterans

“The TMX Finance® Family of Companies stood out to me because not only did other employees commend it as an exceptional company to work for, but the Company sets you up to succeed and works on helping you along the way.” Crystal Allen, Store Manager at the TMX Finance® Family of Companies and U.S. Navy Veteran We believe that the best way to honor a veteran is to hire them and provide ongoing training to build upon their fundamental leadership skills. To help honor the service and sacrifices of U.S. military veterans, dependents and spouses, we thought it vital to …

Indispensable Leadership- How This Army Sergeant Rose Through the Ranks in The Civilian World

Excellence, integrity, enthusiasm, and respect make up our core values at the TMX Finance® Family of Companies. The same values were gained by District Director of Operations and U.S. Army Veteran, Vernon Ervin, during his five years in the military. Those who know the E-5 Sergeant see him as a natural born leader dedicated to developing his team to reach their full potential. His experience in the Army helped bring out the leadership capabilities he already possessed, and he has leveraged valuable Army skills to make a successful career in the civilian world.  Because of his passion for people development, …

5 Steps to a Worry-Free Vacation

Going on vacation can be one of the most memorable and enjoyable things you will do in life, but the days and weeks leading up to the vacation can be down-right stressful if you have not lined up your professional responsibilities with you team. No matter what role you hold, if you plan on taking a vacation, it is your responsibility to ensure that the business can continue on without you while you are away. Not doing so can lead to emergencies at the office, confused or annoyed coworkers and supervisors, and parts of your vacation sidetracked by stress, worry, …

Work Hard, Play Hard.

“Work hard, play hard,” is a mantra I live by. And to be honest, it’s a lesson I was taught at a very young age. My mom was a single mom, raising me alone on a school teacher’s salary. However, that never stopped her from having a multitude of hobbies nor did it stop us from traveling often. My mom made several sacrifices so that she could enjoy other parts of her life. For example, we always had season passes to the local ski resort, a cleaning service, and a health membership at the local gym. But my mom often …

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