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The TMX Finance® Family of Companies 2022 Organization Overview

Company Release: 07/28/2022 07:01 am


We Help People. It’s what our business was built on and it’s what we do every day. We strive to create new and better opportunities for our customers, our Team Members, and our communities by delivering outstanding services, continuous innovation, and exceptional experiences.

The TMX Finance® Family of Companies is one of the largest consumer specialty finance companies in the United States with more than 950 stores spanning 15 states and more than 2,800 employees. We provide access to credit for consumers who are under served by traditional lenders. Many of our customers have nowhere else to turn when they suffer short-term financial setbacks like medical emergencies or home repairs, so it is our mission to remain a reliable source of credit and offer our customers’ hope and opportunity.


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Jamie Lane
Vice President of Communications and Brand Experience