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Cancer Won’t Stop Me

Submitted by: Nikki Burns, General Manager I had my first mammogram 2-14-18. I giggled to myself on the way there thinking that now I was officially old since I needed this done. It stopped being funny when I was called back for more images and told I needed a biopsy. 2 days after my biopsy, my results were in and I was asked to come to the doctor’s office. No one gets called to the office for good results. My boyfriend came with me. I didn’t ask him to come, he just told me he was going. He knows me …

Survivor, Not Victim

Submitted by: Misty Spooner, General Manager *Content may be upsetting to some. Please read with caution. Domestic Violence used to be a topic that no one wanted to talk about or face. Thankfully, over the years it is now getting the attention it deserves. My story began when I started dating a guy whom I had previously dated in high school in October of 2004. Prior to dating him, I had lost my first husband to suicide and I was not emotionally stable or ready to be in another relationship, especially the kind I was about to find myself in. …

Building a Presence in the Hispanic Community

Submitted by: Erik Roldan, General Manager My name is Erik Roldan and my family is from Colombia. I learned to speak Spanish when my grandparents came to live with us when I was 5.  My grandmother did not speak any English so it forced me to learn Spanish at a young age in order to communicate with my grandmother. She provided a big Hispanic influence in my household, between cooking, listening to music, and always watching Spanish television. On September 15, 2018, several TMX Finance® Family of Companies team members volunteered for the Latin American Association’s (LAA) Hispanic Heritage Night …

How Mexican Heritage is Reflected in TitleMax

Submitted by: Hector Escobar, General Manager Being part of the TitleMax® team has allowed me to see and feel the warmth of the Mexican culture. I really enjoy the way my Hispanic customers open up to me. They not only come in to get a loan, but to talk about their families, their plans, and even what they plan to cook that night or do that weekend. Being part of this team has allowed me to form deeper and stronger relationships with clients than what is accustomed in this industry because you know so much more about your clients and their …

Celebrating Our Hearts

Submitted by: Janie Ginn, Senior Benefits Analyst   Today, we are celebrating one of the most important things about ourselves: our hearts. I’m sure I could speak for the majority of our TMX Finance Family when I say that we don’t think much about the health of our most vital organ until something goes wrong with it. That is why, today, we are celebrating World Heart Day and want you to put your hearts at the top of your priority list!  Here are 5 tips to help you succeed in making sure you love your heart as much as it loves you! …

Las Tradiciones De Nuestra Cultura

Submitted by: Alheli Zuniga, General Manager As a Mexican, born and raised just South of the Texas border, in Tamaulipas, I came to the U.S. with many of our traditions. I was 7 when I arrived in Dallas, Texas. Around this time, in 1993, Dallas was really starting to look and feel as if “that time of the year” was near. To me the weather was different but the things we were going to start celebrating were still the same. Around this time of the year, my mom, my tias, and my ‘buela were talking about all the things we …

What is Culture?

Submitted by: Mariela Gonzalez, General Manager What is Culture? Culture is a tradition, a way of living. How does the TMX Finance Family of Companies culture compare to the Hispanic Culture? Well there are plenty of similarities. Even though there are plenty of reasons why they are similar, the two main reasons are family and hospitality. Here in the TMX Finance Family we are a huge family, it’s in our name. We love to make sure our customers as well as our team members always feel welcomed like they are at home. That is our Culture!!!

TMX Finance® Family of Companies Earns 2019 Military Friendly® Employer Designation

The TMX Finance® Family of Companies is excited to announce that the Company has earned recognition as a 2019 Military Friendly® Employer. Institutions earning the Military Friendly® Employer designation were evaluated using both public data sources and responses from a proprietary survey. More than 200 companies participated in the Military Friendly Employers portion of the 2019 Military Friendly® Companies survey. Methodology, criteria, and weightings were determined by VIQTORY with input from the Military Friendly® Advisory Council of independent leaders in the higher education and military recruitment community. Otto Bielss, president of the TMX Finance® Family of Companies was thrilled about …

Cole’s Journey

Submitted by: Misty Edwards, Senior Treasury Analyst On March 15, 2015, Misty Edwards, Senior Treasury Analyst for the TMX Finance Family of Companies, received news that would turn her and her family’s life upside down. She had to hear four of the scariest words no parent ever wants to hear – “Your son has cancer.” Misty had taken her son Cole to the doctor for what she thought was just a cold. However, the doctor immediately sent Cole for testing and that’s when everything changed. “Hearing that your 19-month old son has cancer was beyond anything I could have imagined. Then …