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TMX Finance® Family of Companies has earned recognition as a 2019 Military Friendly® Employer.

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HLPA America’s Best Place to Work for Hispanics/Latinos

Diversity in skill, knowledge, and culture is one of the driving forces behind our Company’s success.

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From One Working Mom: Achieving Work-Life Balance

Balance: an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. With more and more moms in the workforce, there is naturally a ton of buzz around attaining the seemingly impossible notion of a work-life balance. I am one of those moms. A working mom to two sweet boys, an almost 3-year-old toddler, Jackson, and an 8-month-old tornado, Rhett. Managing the workload of a career, family responsibilities, friendships, and carving out time for my own self-interests can be at times… daunting. Although this sort of juggling act requires energy, time, dedication, and attention, it’s important to …

My 2019 Health Goals

“I don’t run. If you see me run, you too should start running because something is probably chasing me,” was something I always said when my friends would ask me if I wanted to go for a run or participate in a 5K road race. Running was not part of my routine life and I was completely okay living my best life without running in the picture. Then came my late-20s-approaching-30s where I found myself gaining weight and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. My normal routine of lifting weights and dog walking were not helping me sustain the healthy …

Popping Biscuits and PTSD

*Content may be upsetting to some. Please read with caution. I opened a can of biscuits, all by myself!! Doesn’t sound like a big accomplishment, does it?  To almost 8 million Americans, that simple task could have meant DAYS in the protection of a dark room on high alert. Seems crazy, right?  My name is Bridget and I live with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  Here’s my story and what I want the world to know… I am a survivor. Make no mistakes, I spent 23 years as a victim living in disgrace, ashamed of what I had been through, …


Pride is defined by as confidence and self-respect as expressed by members of a group, typically one that has been socially marginalized, on the basis of their shared identity, culture, and experience. Pride to me is a sense of freedom and expression, much like our constitutional right and first amendment: Freedom of Speech. It took me some time to understand the power of pride, being that I “came out” at the age of 16. However, after experiencing my first Pride Parade that same year, it really hit home. These people, my people, celebrating all day and night about Love. …

Discipline or Regret

Deciding to live a healthy lifestyle and to “get fit” is a great decision to be sure. However, turning that decision into a reality is about much more than that. It’s about making the right decision hundreds of times throughout the week when presented with the choice between the easy way and the right way. Should I be disciplined when the alarm goes off at 5:30 AM when I don’t feel like it… Or will I hit the snooze button and regret the decision later? Should I get the waffle fries or the fruit? Soda or water? Keep running or …

When Muscles Aren’t Enough

Isn’t it interesting how there are moments in your life when everything around that time period is a blur, but a big event happens and 10 to 20 years later you can remember that day with such clarity as if it had happened yesterday?! This was one of those moments for me. I thought it was just going to be another Sunday afternoon followed by our usual Sunday family dinner. I often came back to my parent house on Sunday’s when I was in college to have a good meal and the comforts of home. This Sunday was going to …