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Military Friendly Employer

Military Friendly® Employer

TMX Finance® Family of Companies has earned recognition as a 2019 Military Friendly® Employer.

Learn more about our commitment to serve those who have served our communities.

HLPA America’s Best Place to Work for Hispanics/Latinos

Diversity in skill, knowledge, and culture is one of the driving forces behind our Company’s success.

Learn more about our Bilingual (Spanish/English) opportunities.

Staying Social Is Our Business

We are a socially driven company. Connect with us to get job alerts, learn more about our work culture and see what our ambassadors have to say!

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4 Tips to get your Financial Strategy Started 

Do you think about your future? Bucket list vacations? New cars? College tuition? Does it excite you or scare you? Having a financial strategy should excite you, but unfortunately, it scares most people. When people ask me about how to start, they are surprised with my answer – Discipline. You have discipline at work, with your family, but many people find it hard to have discipline with their finances. I am here to take the “scary” out of Financial Wellness. The following are some tips to get you started on your journey. Plan and set Budget goals: Write your goals …

How Exercise Improved My Social Life

Roughly ten years ago, my boyfriend of four years and I broke up and I was at a loss for what to do with my life. I had moved to Savannah to live near him, and the only friends I had made were his friends. I quickly found myself lonely and bored. I randomly came across a group of runners who were about to begin training for a marathon in San Diego, California. I figured, why not? I have nothing else better to do! To make a long story short, I met the most amazing group of people. We all came in different …

How Running has an Impact on Social and Community Wellness

The day was April 21st, 2014. I was on my hands and knees kissing the yellow and blue finish line every distance runner looks for as I was finishing the Boston Marathon. Rewind 14 years ago, when I was a freshman in high school and my sister’s boyfriend was asking me to join the Varsity Cross Country Team, as they did not have a full team. I was reluctant at first, being short and out of shape thinking, “Who would run for fun?” I decided to join, and one week later I was in my first Varsity meet, the Benzie …

Black History Is Something To be Thankful For

As a country, people of color have just one month of recognition that was not offered to them, but taken as an opportunity. An opportunity to reflect on the struggles, the trials, and the tribulations beset on a group of people who were forced to this place by oppressing colonizers looking to build a land based on morals and values. Those oppressors would somehow call it “the land of the free.” My ancestors would agree, as I hope my son never has to. But if this is free, then I wish to change the definition. Just over 500 years later, …

Meet Shawn Jordan

Leaders Making History: Shawn Jordan, Regional Vice President of Operations   “You don’t decide to be a leader; your team decides who they’re going to follow.” Shawn Jordan started with the Company in 2001, “back when we walked around with candles and wrote on tablets; not the kind we have today,” he joked, giving insight to how far along the Company had come since its humble beginnings. Through growth and determination, Mr. Jordan proved himself by successfully running a location and growing into the one of the first African American multi-unit leaders within the Company. “I got a phone call from …

Meet Chris Elliott

Leaders Making History: Chris Elliott, District Director of Operations  Chris Elliott celebrated his 15-year anniversary with the Company in 2019, a true milestone in his career, and has pioneered some of the leadership and marketing strategies we use today.  “I came in as an overstaff manager back in the day. The process was much different back then for training, but I quickly took over a new office in Jonesboro. I was employee #81 in the Company.” His infectious enthusiasm and motivating spirit have led team members to choose him as a leader and mentor. He admits that if he wasn’t …