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TMX Finance® Family of Companies has earned recognition as a Military Friendly® Employer.

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HLPA America’s Best Place to Work for Hispanics/Latinos

Diversity in skill, knowledge, and culture is one of the driving forces behind our Company’s success.

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“Everybody Can Be Great, Because Anybody Can Serve.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Something my grandmother used to say, “it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” A well-known scripture, Proverbs 31, speaks of a virtuous woman with a list of qualities that Michelle Johnson-Murphy strives to reach daily. This is her focus scripture and while the tasks may seem impossible to achieve, those who know the Director of Payroll would consider her honorable, wise, and selfless. What many people don’t know is that Michelle has a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degrees, and a Ph.D coming down the pipeline. Her passion for continuous learning came at an early age when …

Be Proud of Your Race and Culture

“The unwillingness to try is worse than any failure” Nikki Giovanni (Author, Poet Laureate, Philanthropist) The privilege of growing up in a military family afforded me the opportunity to travel. Through those travels, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many people from diverse cultures, races, and ethnic backgrounds.  Those experiences taught me an important lesson which I continue to carry in my daily life: Be Proud of Your Race and Culture.   While other countries celebrate all facets of their culture every day of the year, in America, the African American culture is acknowledged and celebrated for the designated month of February, …

Building History Through Advocacy

In the TMX Finance® Family dictionary of common terminology, the word “passion” would be accompanied by an image of Senior Director of Bankruptcy, Danielle Gibson. A force for change and customer advocacy since she started with the TMX Finance® Family as a paralegal in 2008, Danielle established a vision to help change the way the Company, customers, attorneys and courts saw bankruptcy.  “I’m proud of the work I’ve done here because this is the only position that I’ve held where I came in and helped define the department. No job I’ve ever been in has trusted me enough to allow …

What Black History Means to Me

What does Black History mean to me? Black History to me means that without some of the great leaders who have come before me, I wouldn’t have the same opportunities I, or any of us, have today.  Black History Month in my household is not celebrated just February; it is every day of every month. I have three children. It’s very important my children know the life we live wasn’t given but earned, and a lot of people paid a hefty price for us to live the way we do. I have a daughter, who is a freshman in college. …

Forgive to Rebuild

In American race relations there’s room for one thing – forgiveness.  It’s like a spoonful of liquid medicine. It is important, it heals, it strengthens. How many times have I walked in front of someone and not held the door?  Then seconds later thought, “ugh, that was silly, why didn’t I hold the door?”  Then those days when I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to let another driver into my lane.  So, I just speed by and let them get in whenever, however.  The best thing I can do when I am aware that I haven’t made room …

Spinning for a Purpose

Do you remember riding a bike? Close your eyes and imagine it. Can you feel the wind in your face, the sunlight on your skin and the freedom of being on the open road or racing through a nature trail? You can mount a bike, put on a helmet, and hit the ground peddling, but some people can’t. Think about your grandmother who loved riding a bike as a child or a friend you know with a physical disability. Chances are, they can’t easily ride a bike. After watching a video of European volunteers cycling the elderly, disabled, and sick …