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When “Thank You” Doesn’t Feel Grand Enough

During November, the month of thanks, the TMX Finance® Family of Companies reserves time to honor and appreciate our veteran and military family Team Members. We believe one of the best ways to honor military members is to hire them and provide the guidance they need to excel in the civilian workforce. Through our TMX Project SERV commitment, we hire, coach, and retain veterans as well as military family members, providing them  connection, camaraderie, and leadership opportunities similar to the growth support they received during their military service. Often times, a simple “Thank You” may not feel it fits the …

A Mammogram Saved Me

Back in 2003, I joined Susan G. Komen to get involved and raise awareness after reading her story. I participated in walks, wore a pink scarf during the month of October, tied a pink ribbon to my phone, and read about developments. I remember a former co-worker asked why I have the ribbon on my phone, and I explained it’s to bring awareness to breast cancer; initially, she thought it was because it had something to do with me, a family member, a friend, etc. Well, at the time, no; I was just being an advocate. I was in my …

My Advice: Get Up, Get Active, & Train Smart

When I was asked to share my story, I jumped on the opportunity. I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power, and I hope my message will motivate or, at least, spark curiosity to learn what it means to live an “active, healthy lifestyle.” I will share information based upon my life experiences and what I’ve seen work for others as well as myself.   Early in my career I was unaware of the phrase “active, healthy lifestyle.” I had a rude awaking after the first couple of years in corporate America, as I found myself with an extra 50 …

My Peruvian Heritage

I was born in Lima, Peru and, while I’ve lived in the United States for more than half of my life, the traditions I grew up with are still very much with me every day. My family and I try to continue them as much as we can and where we can. When I say family, I don’t mean just parents and brothers, but also my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and first and second cousins; the traditions are just one of the things that keep us all together even when we are apart. My Peruvian history is a combination of the …

Celebrating My Healthiest Me for Women’s Health and Fitness Day 

September has always been my favorite month; not only is September my birthday month, but it’s also a month where we recognize women’s health and fitness. The last Wednesday in September marks a national day to bring awareness to the importance of regular physical activity and overall wellness health for women. Personally, I have been focused on my health for several years now, and I have loved to see how I’ve reached out to others about my fitness journey and help inspire their own.  While we celebrate Women’s Health and Fitness Day in September, we also celebrate Family Health and …

The TMX Finance® Family of Companies Back-to-School Supply Drive Delivers Thousands of Supplies to Students Across the Country

Savannah, Georgia (August 2022) – The TMX Finance® Family of Companies recently concluded their annual Back-to-School Supply Drive donating essential school supplies in the Company’s many cities of operation across the country. In a two-week donation campaign, Team Members from more than 950 store locations and two corporate offices in Savannah, GA and Carrollton, TX along with their customers and community partners rallied together to generously contribute much needed items to students and families experiencing hardship. Collectively, the Company provided more than 88,000 school supplies to roughly 460 schools and non-profit organizations across the Company’s footprint to help ensure local students have …