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Hispanic Heritage Month: The Day of the Dead

My Mexican heritage is especially significant to me so I can teach my children and grandchildren about our heritage and hope they will pass on the stories and traditions that go along with it, too. The people of Mexico celebrate holidays with many traditions. Two of my favorite holidays are “the Day of the Dead” and “Charisma’s festivities.” The Day of the Dead celebration combines the European Catholic traditions of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day with the Aztec rituals of honoring the deceased. This tradition originated in southern Mexico more than three thousand years ago with the first celebrations of deceased souls. When …

Hispanic Heritage Month: My Puerto Rican Culture

Celebrating culture at work is important, to me, because you can learn about diversity and this learning can help broaden our way of thinking. This broadened thinking can then help us find new ways of doing things or simply allow us to connect with different types of people, whether it be relating to co-workers or better serving customers. As a Puerto Rican, I am proud to celebrate my culture at the TMX Finance® Family of Companies, at home, and with my friends and family. To celebrate and honor my Puerto Rican culture, I try to continue speaking my native language …

Hispanic Heritage Month: My Mexican Culture

My absolute favorite thing about my Mexican culture is how close-knit we are. We’re all family, regardless of blood, and we love to support one another no matter what. To celebrate my Hispanic heritage, my family and friends always throw a party with great food, music, and company. Actively gaining knowledge about Latin culture; our people, our food, our music, is a great way for anybody to celebrate and honor our heritage. For this Hispanic Heritage Month, I wish to share with you some of my favorite things about our culture. Music and food go hand in hand in my …

Hispanic Heritage Month: Better Together When We Understand Our Differences

I look forward to celebrating my Hispanic heritage with my family by enjoying live music and great food. Others can celebrate in the same way, using Hispanic Heritage Month as a way to learn about other cultures, try new foods, and get to know new people. Celebrating culture is important because we work better together when we understand our differences. I mentioned celebrating culture by trying new foods. One of my all-time favorite dishes is posole, a traditional Mexican soup. I love to eat it in the winter when it’s cold. You can add an assortment of toppings to the …

My Fitness Journey

During the pandemic, I discovered I was on the high-risk list because of my high blood pressure and my weight. So, I decided to take control of my health and well-being again. I was at my heaviest weight and very unhappy. My weight gain started while attending college and working full time. I didn’t have time to exercise, and I was eating on the go between work and school. Once I graduated college, I started to work a lot, so I didn’t make time to exercise and was still eating very unhealthily. I knew if I lost weight, I could …

Make Fitness a Family Affair – the Family You Have and the Family You Choose

Here’s the thing: I’m 40 and a mother of three. Let me say that again so I actually believe it. I’M 40 YEARS OLD AND A MOTHER OF THREE (gulp!). I haven’t enjoyed a hot meal in years, used the bathroom without some little grubby tiny person barging in to examine what I’m doing, or completely finished blow drying my hair in over a decade. In fact, just last week after a long day at the office, I came home to find myself unexpectedly cooking three different types of pasta for dinner, because one will only eat spaghetti, one cried …