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We’re celebrating 20 Years of Building a Legacy!

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Celebrating 20 Years of Building a Legacy

Leaving our mark. Optimizing our impact. Creating something that will live on forever. Leaving a legacy is one of the most powerful things we can do to help our team members, our customers, and our communities. Why? Because leaving a legacy enables us to have influence well into the future, which ensures we’re setting the highest standard of service for many years to come.


We love helping people. And we enjoy working together to make that happen. Each and every day we strive to accomplish bigger and better things by utilizing the diverse skill sets and backgrounds each team member brings into our environment.

Talent & Team Member Support

Our Talent & Team Member Support group is comprised of HR, Talent Management, Training, and Communications. Focused on recruiting, retaining, and rewarding, they help build and foster an environment where employees not only feel valued, but also thrive personally and professionally.

Corporate Operations

With departments as diverse as Staffing, Performance Management, and Executive Support, our Corporate Ops team leverages their years of experience and leadership to establish a foundation efficient and strong enough to ensure our stores have the infrastructure to operate successfully.

Information Technology

We pride ourselves on constant innovation - our Information Technology group makes that happen. From customer experience to employee efficiencies, we always look forward to conquering the next great idea and leveraging technology to stay competitive.

Staying Social Is Our Business

We are a socially driven company. Connect with us to get job alerts, learn more about our work culture and see what our ambassadors have to say!

TMX Talks Blog

Are You Building A Career Legacy?

Written by: Heather Sueirro, Talent Manager Growing up in South Georgia, I saw firsthand the rapid expansion of the TMX Finance® Family of Companies. Buildings that had been old fast-food restaurants were turning into shiny new red, white, and blue businesses that gave the block an immediate facelift. It wasn’t until I began working with the Company in 2014 that I realized we were not just up and down Abercorn Street in Savannah, GA! I learned that we had hundreds of stores throughout the U.S.! It is no wonder we are celebrating Building a Legacy for our 20th Anniversary. I …

Celebrating National Mentoring Month

Submitted by: Olivia Bass We are very excited to be celebrating National Mentoring Month! Inaugurated in 2002, this designation was assigned to promote mentoring in the US and to the positive effects it can have on our lives, both personally and professionally! We know the value of a great mentor and that is why we hold the TEAM UP Mentorship program in such high regard within the Company! In preparation for the official kick-off on January 11th, we will begin by celebrating “I am a Mentor” Day with a social media campaign. We are asking all of our TEAM UP …

Helping Others Face the Future

Submitted by: Michelle Cook, District Director of Operations For the fourth year in a row, Tennessee and North Georgia Districts 143, 25, and 35 collected and donated between 500-700 used printer toner cartridges to an organization based out of Chattanooga, TN called: FACES: The National Craniofacial Association. This organization supports children born with cranio-facial abnormalities and their families who are financially unable to take their child to major medical centers where specialized craniofacial teams provide the safest and most advanced treatments for building a face and skull. There is never a charge for any service provided by FACES, including travel, …

Lindsey Reed Smith Named Chief People Officer

Submitted by: Jamie Lane, Director of Communications We have some exciting news! We are thrilled to announce that Lindsey Reed Smith, our current Senior VP of talent, has been promoted to our first-ever chief people officer! Our Company has experienced a tremendous year in terms of development and growth and much of that cultural shift can be attributed to Lindsey’s leadership. President Otto Bielss announced, “It is my honor to promote Lindsey into this inaugural role as she has been a dedicated confidante to the leaders within our organization and truly is the heartbeat of the TMX Finance Family of …


Submitted by: Abby Bruno, Recruiting Manager “Oh dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made you out of clay. And when you’re dry and ready, oh dreidel I shall play!” For my family, the end of the year is synonymous with this jingle on repeat. From the time I was little to the present day (and now that I have a child of my own) we always sing and light the candles for eight days every winter. The celebration of Hanukkah, which is also known as the “Festival of Lights,” is not just a time to get together with family and get eight …

Creating a Culture of Service

Submitted by: Kaitlyn McCormack, Senior Recruiting Manager I have a confession. When I was asked to facilitate a training on “Creating a Culture of Service”, I was a little apprehensive. The phrase is somewhat lofty and ambiguous, so to help make it more digestible, the first thing I did was Google the meaning of culture (as it applies to a company) and the meaning of service. Here is what I found: The culture of an organization is practically its DNA; it is implied, not expressly defined, and develops organically over time from the cumulative traits of the people the company …

Our New Hire Experiences

Submitted by: Lane Boston, Corporate Operations Coordinator My first opportunity to shadow our TitleMax of Garden City store was a great experience. I worked with Gabriel, the General Manager, and Ivory, the General Manager Trainee. Being the Corporate Operations Coordinator, I have a lot of contact with store team members via email and phone every day, so it was so nice to see firsthand the store operations side of the business and what the store has to go through before they send their requests to me. I had a wonderful experience learning about Gabriel and Ivory’s daily tasks, how they …

Part 2: Taking on the World!

Submitted by: Denise Niiyama, VP of Strategic Planning & Enterprise Solutions Let me share a few observations on my reflection. Size and/or Dollars are not a good measure of investment in Women’s Leadership While other companies may be investing higher dollars in their various women’s programs, it would appear to be a ‘checkmark in a box’ without follow through on their commitment.  In my experience, the proof is in the walk beyond the talk that continues on.  At this point in my career, I have expectations of myself as well as my employer which is simple – I want to …

Taking on the World!

Submitted by: Denise Niiyama, VP of Strategic Planning & Enterprise Solutions I was honored to be one of fifteen women invited to participate in a Women’s Leadership event featuring executives for a business conversation to advance women in business and technology.  This would only be achieved through collaboration, sharing, and promoting the importance of mentoring as well as investing in talent of other women. I was very appreciative for the TMX leadership allowing me the opportunity to take a step back for a couple days while attending this conference to gain an even clearer perspective of our Company.  During this …