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Meet Our Women Leaders: Tensleigh Beck

Over the past 13 years with the TMX Finance® Family of Companies, the most special part for me has been the people: leadership, peers, and customers alike. I always keep an open mind to learn something from everyone, and my end goal is for everyone to leave an interaction with me with a huge smile on their face. All the people at the Company matter, and they deserve to feel the same happiness and joy they bring me. When I started in 2010, I joined the Company as a Customer Service Representative, an entry-level position. After my initial 90 days …

Women at the TMX Finance® Family of Companies Making History

At the TMX Finance® Family of Companies, we are committed to providing an inclusive and diverse environment where Team Members feel empowered to be their authentic selves at work while advancing their career. This Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting our newest all women team. Our Field Operations Training Managers have a passion for developing the skills of others. They deliver impactful learning solutions that help our Team Members to then provide an exceptional customer service experience and outstanding business results through influence, coaching, and valuable suggestions to further enhance our learning and development initiatives. Meet Kilynn Davis, Jessica Steward, Argelia …

I’m Human, Just Like Everybody Else

I have had the privilege of living with my sister-in-law, Bridget Jones, since 2004. Bridget has Down syndrome, which makes her not only special, but extraordinary. She is full of love and cheer. Guess what? She is more like me and you than you know. Instead of me telling you everything about her, let’s hear directly from Bridget! “Hey everybody, my name is Bridget Jones. I’m 47-years-old. Many people don’t understand what I’m all about, why I’m special. I’m human just like everybody else. Most people know that I am famous for that movie named after me, do you know …

TMX Finance® Family of Companies: Women in Leadership

Later this month, I will be celebrating nine years with the TMX Finance® Family of Companies. I started with the Company in 2014 as a Store Manager. In 2017, the Company began focusing more on visions – visions for the Company, visions for the teams, and visions for yourself. Our teams created vision board to really help us see and work towards our future. On my board, I put a goal to move to from my hometown, Overton, TX, and start a new life in Dallas, TX. Five months later, I earned a promotion to General Manager and was given …

Why Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is Important to Me

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is not just a holiday to me; it’s a day for service. While Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. rose to fame as an instrumental leader during the Civil Rights Movement, he dedicated his life to improving the welfare of ALL people. Dr. King became an activist to make sure that everyone, no matter their skin color, would be treated equally with dignity and respect. This day should be an important observance for all. In honor of Dr. King and his tireless efforts to improve communities across the nation, Congress passed the King Holiday and Service …

When “Thank You” Doesn’t Feel Grand Enough

During November, the month of thanks, the TMX Finance® Family of Companies reserves time to honor and appreciate our veteran and military family Team Members. We believe one of the best ways to honor military members is to hire them and provide the guidance they need to excel in the civilian workforce. Through our TMX Project SERV commitment, we hire, coach, and retain veterans as well as military family members, providing them  connection, camaraderie, and leadership opportunities similar to the growth support they received during their military service. Often times, a simple “Thank You” may not feel it fits the …