Our success in the financial services industry is owed in large part to the diverse group of technology professionals who have dedicated their time and expertise to the TMX Finance Family of Companies since its inception in 1998. This group of Information Services professionals looks to honor and maintain their legacy by continuing to prioritize quality service throughout the Company and to promote growth of the organization by keeping the Company at the forefront of the industry using the latest technological advances. How will we do it? By building a team of individuals who care about their work, who care about each other, and who are hungry to build awesome stuff.

Our Culture

Now more than ever before, the Information Services team is focused on their commitment to prioritize quality service throughout the Company. Even though “technology is their thing”, the attitude of our Information Services team is driven by service- service to the Company, the industry, and our customers.

Our new technological environment is the product of a leadership philosophy built around SECURITY, PREDICTABILITY, and FUN.

  • SECURITY, in more than one sense of the word— Yes, dependable systems, security, and high quality service and product delivery, but also safeguarding career stability with future-facing opportunities for the top talent on our teams.
  • PREDICTABILITY, with regard to working analytically, collaboratively, and proactively. We are excited to see innovation thrive in an environment where our teams enjoy clear and transparent communication on projects and the Company’s visions.
  • And FUN, because who wants to dread coming to work? We are #TalentObsessed and understand the vital nature of comradery, relationship-building, and team support. If you love your work like we love our work, let’s have a great time getting it done!